Friday, November 30, 2007

Awww... shucks...

Thanks to you all for the kind words and comments on my recovery and C*EYE*BER Fibers!
I love what I do and I really hope it shows!

The winner of the Friday Fiber fix is:
Elizabeth from LIZZARDIEKnits!

Email me with your address for your prize.

We could use some submissions to the review as well. If your a YARNIE, or FIBERY RELATED business/artist you can email me for more info!

Happy Weekend folks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

And we are back!

ETA: Mama is out of surgery and doing well. She thanks you all for your kind well wishes!
She will be taking some time to heal but will be back for friday's draw...keep the comments coming!

Good Morning Yarn Lovers!
I have hijacked the Mobtown Review!
Mama E is currently having some intensive oral surgery on her pearly whites! She is just fine and will be recouping for the rest of the week.
However, I (Michelle) have taken over control of the Mobtown Review this week.

This week I will be reviewing a yarn that we all know and love, a yarn that without my hijacking of the blog would never be featured here...and that's not ok! This is the yarn that brought us all together here.

C*EYE*BER Fiber Yarns!

We all know that Mama E creates beautiful yarns. So let's have a look at her newest line of colourways.

The Elements Series is broken down into: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
This series ranges from the soft and subtle "air" yarns to the strong and vicious "hell fire"

In addition to the the Elements series is the "For the Boys" series!
Criminy Jckets
These yarns were designed for the man in your life. So many times we are searching for a yarn that our men will be proud to wear. This series is for them!

And last, but certainly not least is the Fall subtle solid series
There is not one of these colours that I don't absolutely LOVE! These yarns are perfect for working in patterns or just simply to watch your favorite colours unfold in soft and subtle shifts.
Every season Mama E will be changing the colourways to reflect Mother Nature's colours! I can't wait to see what is in store for Winter.

C*EYE*BER Fiber yarns are clearly inspired by Nature and all that is beautiful in it.

These stunning yarns can be found mostly at your Local Yarn shop. Simply check the blog sidebar to see all of the fine retailers that carry C*EYE*BER Fiber yarns. If there is not a store near you maybe suggest to you LYS that they will want to check out these colourful yarns!

As The Sweet Sheep is the only online retailer for Mama E's yarns I am happy to pass on a 10% off coupon to all of the Mobtown Junkies...simply use the coupon code: mob

You can also get a skein of your very own for FREE just by leaving a comment! Mama E will be drawing a name on Friday of one lucky winner....go to it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Service Interruption

Hey Everyone,

We regret to inform you that there will be a temporary REVIEW interruption.

We will resume our regularly scheduled program next Wednesday. (No worries... I am cooking up some good stuff!)

Friday, November 9, 2007

Slow Movin'... Winners Here!

This is a slow moving Friday. Winter is on my doorstep in Charm City.. and knitting for the holidays is in full swing!

The winner of Laura's Unique Sheepiness is:

Nichole from Saving Nine
The winner of the Linky Dink Contest is:

Devin from Evil Tuesdays

Email me with your address to claim your prizes!

Question for the Junkies of Mobtown:

What do you think about including indie designers in the review? Would you want to see more than just hand-painted fiber?

Leave a comment with your thoughts... Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

When Sheep are Unique..

I am struck at how quickly Wednesdays come. I never recognized "hump"day as anything special before the Mobtown Review. Now... it makes me jitter with excitement.

May I present to you, fair Junkies of Mobtown, the Unique Sheep.

Artist 009: Laura Bullins, The Unique Sheep

Autumn in the City
Silk Twist Fingering

I can not think of anything more reminiscent of fall. This yarn is so soft and lucious I may need to knit myself some socks!

Laura uses a group approach when designing her colorways. Her main inspiration comes from "Life! Corny, I know, but it’s true. If you pay attention, our world is full of unique color combinations. Color in life is complex and I think that that is reflected in my yarns—I use lots of shades and tones, sometimes combining many different colors into one skein and other times focusing on the nuances of a single color. In order to share my sources of inspiration with my customers, I post photos with every color way on my website. You can be part of the process by submitting a photograph of your own in one of my Photo Contests. Whenever its time to create new colors I invite my customers to submit photos that inspire them and relate to the season or theme."

Hearth Fire
Simply Socks

I want to curl up with my knitting and sit by that fire. Laura sees subtle nuances in how value and tone play together. She really has captured the feeling of fireside magic.

Laura says she has "always truly had a NEED to create. I also enjoy the time in the quiet of my studio, surrounded by yarn and color. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? It is to me!"

Laura is offering a free gift with every purchase to you Junkies! Just mention that you found her on the review!

And the Junkie of the Week is:

Barb from Barb Knits

Go check out her AMAZING assortment of Halloween cakes. I think the EYEBALL and the Pumpkin are truly awesome!

Remember to Keep Linkin'. Drawing for the Linky Dink Contest is on Friday.
OK guys... ready? set? Comment!

Friday, November 2, 2007

And the Winner Is...


Go over and say congratulations to your winning Mobster!!

More stuff this week:

Remember the link lovin contest!... steal the Mobtown Button and put the Linky Dink on your sidebar! Then email me here.

One winner will be randomly chosen next Friday!!! Go Linky dink now!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rise and Shine... I have Sheep For You

Sheep have got to be a knitter's favorite animal. They are cute, mostly serene (until shearing day), and evoke warm, fuzzy, feelings all the way around. (Unless you are allergic! Then they feel itchy and evoke the heebie jeebies... I digress)

Welcome, one and all, to the land of the Painted Sheep.

Artist 008: Kris Gonzales, The Painted Sheep

photo by Jody Scofield

100% Superwash Wool

Kris has a lush hand with color. The Jewels colorway reads in very subtle tonal shifts ( oohhh... look at Mama getting fancy with her critique!) and feels like it could be successfully knit in a multitude of sock patterns.

Simply put.. beautiful and subtle tonal shifts make for good hand-painted socks.

I was stunned, in the best possible way, when I reached in Kris's sample package of joy and pulled out this:

photo by Jody Scofield

Pine Meadow
100% Blue Faced Leicester

I think... this just may never leave me. Look at those colors! It is 100% Blue Faced Leicester. Again with the lush colors. And BFL is a JOY to spin. A complete joy to spin.

I asked Kris when she started to dabble in the dark side (aka dyeing fiber).

She said:

" I did a little here and there until 2006, when I took a class with Lynne Vogel at Harrisville Designs. That's when I really fell hard for it. The Painted Sheep was actually "born" in that class - I left with a plan to start a business selling my handpainted yarn and roving - it was that inspiring."

Can we talk about learning from Lynne in person? (One can only dream....)

Kris finds her inspiration from "nature - I love to take the colors that I see in the world around me and translate them onto fiber. Many of my colorways are inspired by a favorite place or something in my garden."

She also says "love to play with color and fiber! I feel like I'm at my most creative when I'm playing with color and fiber. I am constantly amazed at what can come from something as simple as some wool and a little dye and how many different directions it can be taken in."

Amen, sister. Amen.

100% Superwash Wool

Kris is kind enough to offer this skein if yarn as your prize this week folks!

She is also offering You Junkies 15% off your total purchase in her Etsy store or website. For Etsy, put "Mobtown Review" in the buyer notes to seller and wait for her to send an adjusted total. For the website, use the contact me link to tell me what items you wish to purchase, provide the code "Mobtown Review" and she will do an invoice with the adjusted total.

Junkie of the Week:

Sarah from PotterKnitter!
Go check out her mommy and me matching socks! They are so cute! Her kid isn't bad either! ;)

There will be one winner this week. I am still trying to creatively think up a solution to the multiple prize conumdrum. Bear with me'll be worth your while!

C'mon y'all ... leave your comment at the beep... 3...2...1... BEEEEEEEEEP!

Friday, October 26, 2007

We Got Winners! We Got WINNERS!!

Want some winners?

The winner of the button contest is:

Go on over to her blog and tell her how much you loved the button! Feel free to download this image (leave the bandwidth, blah... blah...blah...) and link to the review! I MAY :) follow the linky dinks back and have another prize raffle!!

Email me when the links are up and I will go check out your blogs!

Winners of the Friday Fiber Fix are:

Comment #12: Limedragon

Comment #26: Coleen

Comment #52: Carol

Go ahead and and tell them that they suck for winning all that beautiful yarn...
I mean.. go ahead and congratulate them!!! Spread wishes of good cheer to your fellow (prize winning) Mobsters!

The Mobsters Speak:

It looks like the majority of Mobsters (and their credit cards, and significant others, and children/pets who hope to get fed over the next week) have decided that one artist per week is good for them.

Your wish is my command. I have some thinking to do regarding the Friday Fiber Fix.... I was under the model 1 prize per artist (did you notice that Lori was kind enough to gift 2???)

I am trying to figure out how to make this the fiber gifting site of all time. Mr. Postman does ask for a fee when prizes are sent... and the artists are graciously sending you prizes directly. I will think on it and try to come up with a good solution to have at least 2 winners per week.

Mob Rules:

I am writing a post regarding submissions and will have it up by the end of the weekend. I am getting LOTS of questions from potential reviewees and would like to manage the communication as efficiently as possible

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, well wishes, holiday gift requests, horoscopes for a LIBRA...
you can email me here.

Have a great weekend guys.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Gentle Breeze

Is it Wednesday already? Lord, this week flew by.

I think the hazy fog that is known as NY Sheep and Wool has overcome my senses. I know those who could not attend are so SICK of all of the post-fiber-frenzy posts and need a slight pick-me-up.

Lets all sit back, relax, and enjoy the pure bliss that is:

Artist 007: Lori from Oceanwind Knits

Double-OH-Seven is a great number for this woman... she is smooth and sophisticated in her style, all the while knocking you out with a mix of lush colors and luxury fibers.

Oceanwind Knits Suri Silk Laceweight: Tickled

Lori has an insanely precise and natural sense for colour. She started dyeing roughly 2 years ago as "an extension of painting, and as an extension of being a knitting designer. I've been a traditional artist/painter for most of my life and dyeing developed naturally from that".

I started seeing Lori's yarns online at the Sweet Sheep... and have been *slightly* obsessed ever since. This yarn, in particular, has just made me speechless

photo by Jody Scofield

Superwash Merino Fingering: Vancouver Island

This is the called for yarn for this:

Oyster Bay Shawl
Original pattern by Lori Law

Lori is motivated by " a passion for yarn, colour, designing and knitting, and sharing this with others. A lot of what I do is based on things I am personally interested in which is extended to my business. I am also a creative junkie; I like making new things on a regular basis... I have a huge fear of boredom and I can't stand idle hands. This fall (very soon) I am adding new fibres to what I currently offer (think pure silks and cashmere) and I'm very excited, motivated and inspired by that"

Oceanwind Knits Sportweight Superwash Merino: Merino ii

Lovely, wonderful, thoughtfully created products. Amazing... I am itching to cast-on for Oyster Bay.

Lori has offered 10% off to you Junkies through the end of November! Use the coupon code:

Notice Any Changes?

This is the third week for MOBTOWN... and a couple of things occurred to me. I thought, in my very non-attention span (but endearing) way, that you may like to focus on one artist every week instead of 3.

Since we are in "Mobtown", I will envoke the power of "mob rule" . Please , when you leave your fiber - loving and general *squee* or *drool* or *OH MY GOD* at the beep, let me know what you think.

There will still be 3 winners this week! No worries on that! Winners have a chance to choose from:

Oceanwind Knits

100g skein of sportweight merino (Merino ii) in a newer colour, Elderberry

One 50g skein of Suri Silk in Tickled.

C*EYE*BER Fiber Woolee Silk 100g skein with a pattern!

Junkie of the Week

Meghann of Radiant Twist!

Go check out her anklets she just made... GORGEOUS!

Buttons? Who Wants buttons?

Here are the entries for our button contest! Go vote at the sidebar! Winner gets a prize!






Alright guys! You know what to do! Winners announced on Friday!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fiber Fix!

And the winners are:

Comment 10: Jane

Comment 16:Sandy

Comment 22: Leigh

email me to get your prize!

Keep your button submissions rolling in! I will post them next week....
the winning buttoneer will get very cool C*EYE*BER Gear and one lucky commenter will also win.!

Off to Rhinebeck for me! I will look like this...
stop me and say hi!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dye Crushes, New Friends, and Woolen Wednesday Dyenamos!

Welcome to Woolen Wednesday #2!
On Dye Crushes....

Our first artist hails from the DC Metro Area. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and have a (I guess not so secret-since-I -had-a-few-beers-with-her-and-told-her-already) dye crush on her.

Artist 003: Karida of Neighborhood Fiber, Co.

Lincoln Park
100% Silk Laceweight

I am in awe. Karida has such a unique and complex approach to color and her inspiration. All of her yarns are named for the many, many DC neighborhoods (that she jokingly says she has lived in!) that are the pulse of our nation's capitol.

Kingman Park
Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering

Can you stand those colors? But it gets better... Karida is partnering with the Anacostia Watershed Society to bring you a new line of yarns named "Watershed". It is... hold on to your sticks...30% seacell/70% merino wool! It will be revealed at Knit Happens in Alexandria, VA on October 24 from 6pm to 9pm. A portion of the proceeds from every skein sold will be donated to AWS!

Now.. the only down side to this feature is ( and I am so glad to be hiding behind my computer monitor right now) Karida is not selling yarns through her site at the moment. BUT.. you can contact any one of her fine retailers and BEG them for yarn.

As a bonus for you, today, my special friends, Karida is offering 10% off the cost of the brand new, not-even-announced-yet, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Tour of DC Sock Club. Look for the announcement on the Neighborhood Fiber Co. website next week.

I had the great pleasure of meeting many people at Stitches East this weekend. Our next artists are some folks that I pestered for a good amount of the weekend.

On New Friends....
Artists 004: Myra and Suzie from Woolbearers


Matt's Tat's
Woolie Bears Sock Line
75% wool / 24% nylon blend superwash


Woolie Bears Sock Line
75% wool / 24% nylon blend superwash

Can you say yum? I met up with Myra and Suzie at the show and saw the hand-painted glory that they brought to sell. really, really gorgeous stuff. I also *may have bought* some for myself.

Myra and Suzie have a TON of experience dyeing. Suzie started 25 years ago and Myra has 8 years of experience under her belt. They find their inspiration in almost anything, even body art! (see above)

What I find unique and charming about this dyeing duo is, they operate a retail location that teaches a TON of classes in the fiber arts. I respect and admire fellow artisans that are looking to push the craft forward. Teaching is our number one opportunity to do so.

Woolbearers will offer a 10% discount to you, the fair junkies of mobtown.


Artist 006: Rebecca of bellamoden


One of the very first submission emails to come in was from Rebecca.

I took a look at her yarns... and drooled. She was gracious enough to send along this yarn for my sampling pleasure.


Farenheit 451
100% Superwash wool
Sport weight


Black Beauty
100% Superwash wool
Fingering weight

I love this yarn. Soft and spongy, the sport is the perfect knit 'em quick sock yarn.


Bella Moden is simply translated "beautiful hands". Rebecca has a deep and passsionate desire to create beautiful things with her hands. There was a point in time when she questioned whether she would be physically able to do so. She says:

"You see, I broke my thumb and wrist in a fall eight years ago.
Unremarkable, really, except for the fact that I developed deQuervain's tenosynovitis. Over time and three operations, I lost most of the use of my right thumb and could no longer flex or swivel my right wrist. For so long, all I could feel was the need, the unmet need to create with my hands. It is hard to overstate the impact that this amazing substance, yarn,
has had in my life."

bellamoden is offering 20.00 skeins of in-stock sock yarns from 12am to 11:59 pm (CST) Wednesday the 17th as their Junkie Fix!

Speaking of Junkies.... Who is the "Junkie of the Week?"

Lori from Yarn Beans!

Go check out her yarns she got on vacation. More pron to get you through the week!

Prizes? You want to know the prizes?

  • Karida is offering 1 skein of the new Watershed sock yarn in any of the 19 Neighborhood Fiber Co. colors

  • Woolbearers is offering a skein of Woolie Bears sock yarn!

  • Rebecca is offering a skein of Farenheit 451 from bellamoden!

You know what to do, right? Leave your comments and slurred, drooly, fiber love at the beep. The artists would so love to get your feedback and your yarn love!


No worries.... Jess and Casey are working their butts off to get Ravelry open to the public. It's coming soon friends!!

  • Keep the buttons coming! You submit a button... you win! Woot!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mobtown Monday News

Big, BIG weekend here in MOBTOWN!

Stitches East came and electrified the local knitting scene. I was lucky enough to be around for the majority of it on the market floor. There were a couple incidents where I fell down and my credit card jumped into the waiting hands of vendors (habu textiles, the bead ladies, the mill folks... and some yet to be reviewed fiber artists). The show was great and I hear the classes were wonderful. (Parking and maneuvering through the "Race for the Cure", the Baltimore Marathon and a Ravens game, not so much! Thank god the Orioles are not in the post-season.... oh how silly that sounds!)

All in all, mobtown was about the fiber. Shop till you drop fiber frenzy!

I have some announcements for you:

  • Where are my buttoneers?
    • anyone who would like to create some buttons for the Mobtown Review? Contest starts today and ends Sunday 10/21. Send your 100px x 100px graphic to me here and I will post them to the blog on Monday. Voting will open on Monday and a winner will be announced in the Woolen Wednesday Review on 10/23.
    • Guess what you win???? Yup, the button maker and one commenter will each win some fibery goodness. Get to designing folks!

  • Submissions are ROLLING in.
    • Can I tell you how beautiful the submission yarns are? I am very inspired! If you want to have your yarns reviewed you can look at submission guides here.

  • Junkies of the Week
    • The Junkie of the Week feature is an added bonus to our little review. (I know that I say "our" like there is a staff of 200 fiber-philes working with me!) Leave a Comment if you would like to be listed in the review sidebar. One Junkie will be chosen every week to be featured.

Wednesday is just 3 days away!!!

(I feel like singing that to the tune of "Tomorrow" and pretending to be a fiberlicious little orphan Annie. OK, I get how wrong that would be.)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fiber Fix!

Thanks for all the positive response for the Mobtown Review! Remember to contact me if you want to submit!

Ok.. down to business! I did the random number generator this time.

Our winners are:

comment#77: Colleen H.

comment # 14: Allegra

Comment # 43: Cayli

are our winners! Email me for your prizes!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Business ... It's Business Time!

For the inaugural review, I thought it proper to bring you some yarns I know well and love much.

The offenders, their wares, and rap sheets are as follows:

Artist 001:

Stephanie Martin, aka Woodland Sprite of Spritely Goods.

Exhibit A:

Coffee Pot Fingering
100% Superwash wool

Can I say that this yarn stops me dead in my tracks... makes me sleep fitfully, dreaming of credit cards and a yarn shortage? This yarn is nothing short of spectacular.

Exhibit B:

Olive Grove Merino
100% Merino wool

I am enamoured by Stephanie's depth and sophistication when it comes to color. I asked her a few questions regarding her inspiration. She states:

"The bulk majority of my colorways are inspired by nature… or food. Other than the fiber arts, my other activity for relaxation is to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and backpacking in the wilderness. I tend to take a lot of photos while I'm out hiking – I often find myself gazing at those photos I've taken for inspiration."

"Spritely Goods was first established in October of 2005 on a very small scale, and eventually grew into its own domain in July of 2006. The shop has grown from a handblended batts, handspun yarns and handdyed sock yarns to include handpainted fiber, a wider variety of handdyed yarns, original patterns, felted and non-felted soaps, wool wash, natural colored spinning fibers and yarns, needle felting kits and even stationary featuring wool! Stay tuned for a new superwash base yarn - it'll be making an appearance in November."

Stephanie has been kind enough to share a DISCOUNT CODE with us:

10% off purchases* through the end of November if you enter the code MOBSTERS

*discount not valid on gift certificates.

Our next offender:

Artist 002:

(I say "diva" because she really is. Ask her to sing some opera at Rhinebeck, ok?)

Exhibit A:
Wading Soft Spun
100% Superwash Merino

Someone, anyone, please get me a drink of water! Look at how subtle the color plays together. This is a great example of a yarn that will look great in any stitch pattern.

Exhibit B:

November Rain Soft Spun
100% Superwash Merino

I love the colors in this skein. The combination is really, truly beautiful.

When asked about her history in the fiber arts, Marie responds:

"I started dyeing fiber and yarn in early 2005. I' ve always been crafty with jewelry making, ceramics and anything where I could use color creatively. I am a self taught dyer, from Internet tutorials and a few books on the topic, although when I started there weren't many. Most of my techniques were learned from trial and error. The most rewarding thing about my yarn business is the interaction with my customers. I have met so many wonderful people through this, I really feel so lucky. I love seeing the finished objects people come up with, and getting emails from people who love the product. Amazingly even before I learned how to knit I have always loved yarn - Actually it was to be able to buy and play with yarn that I even learned how to spinning and dyeing my own was only a matter of time."

Marie finds her inspiration " from pretty much everywhere. From isles at a department store to hiking in the woods. I try and take as much from nature as possible - I guess because being form NYC I crave natural and lush colors. When I dye I just go with the flow...see where the colors take me"
Marie has generously offered 10% off to you Junkies! Use the code "mobsters"

Our third offender hails from Canada.

Artist 003:

Michelle, from the Sweet Sheep (aka Yarn-pusherious-maximus.)

Michelle is the proprietor of an online store that stocks so many amazing yarns, but did you know she dyes too?

I could not resist the chance to feature her newest line of yarn, "The Faerie Feet Collection".

Exhibit A:

100% Blue Faced Leicester

Michelle has really done some thought regarding this line. The colors seem to dance in the skein like the nymphs of the forest.

Exhibit B:

100% Blue Faced Leicester

Similar hand.... very different feeling. Look at these skeins. I love the way they feel so different from each other, and yet they still relate to each other. I could buy one of every skein and be a very, very happy woman.

Michelle has been dyeing for 2 years and finds most of her inspiration in nature. She finds herself driven, these days, by images of little faeries and their representation in her colourways.

Michelle has extended 10% off to Mobtown Junkies through the end of October. Use the coupon code "mobtown".

If that was not enough:

I would like to introduce you all to the "Junkie of the Week":

Dave from Criminy Jickets!

Dave is an avid knitter and blogger. I have had the pleasure of being his swap pal, and have had some really wonderful emails and a ton of support from him. He has lent his vision to my line of yarns and has always given me thoughtful, honest feedback.

Dave has teamed with me to develop this colorway:

And if that was not enough.... he created this pattern for it! Go check out his blog and his other patterns!

I love this week's featured artists and blogger. I have considered them contemporaries, and friends, for quite some time now. They are part of my network of artists I admire and create with. I am so proud to show you their work. They are all amazing folks in their own right.

Now, it's business time! Leave your comments, feedback, and general speechlessness on this post to be entered into the drawing for this weeks prizes:

Stephanie has donated 1 skein of hand-dyed, superwash merino yarn - winners choice in colorway & base style, from whatever is in stock in her store!

Marie has donated
one skein of Brooklyn Handspun signature!

Michelle has donated
I skein of Faerie feet!

Ok, you know what to do!

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm a Junkie, Your a Junkie... wouldn't you...

Like to be a Junkie too?

Please comment if you are interested in having your blog linked to the sidebar in the "Mobtown Junkies" section. I will add links as they come in. Indicate if you would like to be included in the "Mobtown Junkies Speak" blog. I will get you set up for that as well.

I am so excited about the yarns that I am listing in Wednesday... I LOVE them all very, very, much and covet them with all of my being.

So many AMAZING artists are stepping forward to be profiled. I am so happy that people are excited about this project. I can tell you that I am looking for more of the following:

  • natural dyers
  • eco-friendly dyers and spinners
  • artists that make fiber-craft accessories
  • Keep the hand-dyes a comin'!
Please send a sample of your wares... I am so excited to see them all. Products/artists will be considered as they arrive. I am trying to gather up the featured artists and group them in trios that seem to make sense... well at least to me!

More on Wednesday...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Fiber Fix!!! Evening Edition!

I bet you all thought we were going to do a drawing next Friday??
The highly scientific (hat and names on paper) have produced 2 winners for this week!!!

LYNDA from Knit Together Wonderfully Made


Melissa from Ariadne's Thread

have won prizes!!!

Email to claim your prize!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome to the MOBTOWN REVIEW!

Hi everyone!

My name is Mama-E and I am a fiber-addict.

My knitting history started when I was 6. My grandmother taught me the voodoo of the sticks and string. I have used the magic string over the years to charm family, lure friends, enable well-meaning fellow fiber addicts with my own C*EYE*BER Fibers, and bless newborns with the art of the sticks.

I also have a VORACIOUS appetite for hand-painted, hand-crafted, artisan fiber goods.

Does anyone know this story? Almost an omit "Mama-E" and "insert name" here?

Welcome to my showcase of handpainted, handspun, handcrafted bliss!

Need a pick-me-up on Wednesdays?

Every Wednesday I will feature 3 artists and their wares. A little shot-in-the-proverbial-arm to help us all get through the LONG week.

You will learn about the artist, their wares, and the special offers/discounts that they are willing to offer to the fine fiber-junkies of the Mobtown Review.

If you leave a comment (de-lurking can be oh-so delightful and rewarding!) you will be entered into the "Friday Fiber Fix" Drawing.

3 lucky commenters will win prizes sent to them directly from the featured artists!!!

Welcome to Mobtown, friends. We hope you enjoy your stay.

(why the name "MOBTOWN REVIEW"? Looky here...)