Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome to the MOBTOWN REVIEW!

Hi everyone!

My name is Mama-E and I am a fiber-addict.

My knitting history started when I was 6. My grandmother taught me the voodoo of the sticks and string. I have used the magic string over the years to charm family, lure friends, enable well-meaning fellow fiber addicts with my own C*EYE*BER Fibers, and bless newborns with the art of the sticks.

I also have a VORACIOUS appetite for hand-painted, hand-crafted, artisan fiber goods.

Does anyone know this story? Almost an omit "Mama-E" and "insert name" here?

Welcome to my showcase of handpainted, handspun, handcrafted bliss!

Need a pick-me-up on Wednesdays?

Every Wednesday I will feature 3 artists and their wares. A little shot-in-the-proverbial-arm to help us all get through the LONG week.

You will learn about the artist, their wares, and the special offers/discounts that they are willing to offer to the fine fiber-junkies of the Mobtown Review.

If you leave a comment (de-lurking can be oh-so delightful and rewarding!) you will be entered into the "Friday Fiber Fix" Drawing.

3 lucky commenters will win prizes sent to them directly from the featured artists!!!

Welcome to Mobtown, friends. We hope you enjoy your stay.

(why the name "MOBTOWN REVIEW"? Looky here...)