Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rise and Shine... I have Sheep For You

Sheep have got to be a knitter's favorite animal. They are cute, mostly serene (until shearing day), and evoke warm, fuzzy, feelings all the way around. (Unless you are allergic! Then they feel itchy and evoke the heebie jeebies... I digress)

Welcome, one and all, to the land of the Painted Sheep.

Artist 008: Kris Gonzales, The Painted Sheep

photo by Jody Scofield

100% Superwash Wool

Kris has a lush hand with color. The Jewels colorway reads in very subtle tonal shifts ( oohhh... look at Mama getting fancy with her critique!) and feels like it could be successfully knit in a multitude of sock patterns.

Simply put.. beautiful and subtle tonal shifts make for good hand-painted socks.

I was stunned, in the best possible way, when I reached in Kris's sample package of joy and pulled out this:

photo by Jody Scofield

Pine Meadow
100% Blue Faced Leicester

I think... this just may never leave me. Look at those colors! It is 100% Blue Faced Leicester. Again with the lush colors. And BFL is a JOY to spin. A complete joy to spin.

I asked Kris when she started to dabble in the dark side (aka dyeing fiber).

She said:

" I did a little here and there until 2006, when I took a class with Lynne Vogel at Harrisville Designs. That's when I really fell hard for it. The Painted Sheep was actually "born" in that class - I left with a plan to start a business selling my handpainted yarn and roving - it was that inspiring."

Can we talk about learning from Lynne in person? (One can only dream....)

Kris finds her inspiration from "nature - I love to take the colors that I see in the world around me and translate them onto fiber. Many of my colorways are inspired by a favorite place or something in my garden."

She also says "love to play with color and fiber! I feel like I'm at my most creative when I'm playing with color and fiber. I am constantly amazed at what can come from something as simple as some wool and a little dye and how many different directions it can be taken in."

Amen, sister. Amen.

100% Superwash Wool

Kris is kind enough to offer this skein if yarn as your prize this week folks!

She is also offering You Junkies 15% off your total purchase in her Etsy store or website. For Etsy, put "Mobtown Review" in the buyer notes to seller and wait for her to send an adjusted total. For the website, use the contact me link to tell me what items you wish to purchase, provide the code "Mobtown Review" and she will do an invoice with the adjusted total.

Junkie of the Week:

Sarah from PotterKnitter!
Go check out her mommy and me matching socks! They are so cute! Her kid isn't bad either! ;)

There will be one winner this week. I am still trying to creatively think up a solution to the multiple prize conumdrum. Bear with me folks...it'll be worth your while!

C'mon y'all ... leave your comment at the beep... 3...2...1... BEEEEEEEEEP!