Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dye Crushes, New Friends, and Woolen Wednesday Dyenamos!

Welcome to Woolen Wednesday #2!
On Dye Crushes....

Our first artist hails from the DC Metro Area. I have had the pleasure of meeting her and have a (I guess not so secret-since-I -had-a-few-beers-with-her-and-told-her-already) dye crush on her.

Artist 003: Karida of Neighborhood Fiber, Co.

Lincoln Park
100% Silk Laceweight

I am in awe. Karida has such a unique and complex approach to color and her inspiration. All of her yarns are named for the many, many DC neighborhoods (that she jokingly says she has lived in!) that are the pulse of our nation's capitol.

Kingman Park
Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering

Can you stand those colors? But it gets better... Karida is partnering with the Anacostia Watershed Society to bring you a new line of yarns named "Watershed". It is... hold on to your sticks...30% seacell/70% merino wool! It will be revealed at Knit Happens in Alexandria, VA on October 24 from 6pm to 9pm. A portion of the proceeds from every skein sold will be donated to AWS!

Now.. the only down side to this feature is ( and I am so glad to be hiding behind my computer monitor right now) Karida is not selling yarns through her site at the moment. BUT.. you can contact any one of her fine retailers and BEG them for yarn.

As a bonus for you, today, my special friends, Karida is offering 10% off the cost of the brand new, not-even-announced-yet, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Tour of DC Sock Club. Look for the announcement on the Neighborhood Fiber Co. website next week.

I had the great pleasure of meeting many people at Stitches East this weekend. Our next artists are some folks that I pestered for a good amount of the weekend.

On New Friends....
Artists 004: Myra and Suzie from Woolbearers


Matt's Tat's
Woolie Bears Sock Line
75% wool / 24% nylon blend superwash


Woolie Bears Sock Line
75% wool / 24% nylon blend superwash

Can you say yum? I met up with Myra and Suzie at the show and saw the hand-painted glory that they brought to sell. really, really gorgeous stuff. I also *may have bought* some for myself.

Myra and Suzie have a TON of experience dyeing. Suzie started 25 years ago and Myra has 8 years of experience under her belt. They find their inspiration in almost anything, even body art! (see above)

What I find unique and charming about this dyeing duo is, they operate a retail location that teaches a TON of classes in the fiber arts. I respect and admire fellow artisans that are looking to push the craft forward. Teaching is our number one opportunity to do so.

Woolbearers will offer a 10% discount to you, the fair junkies of mobtown.


Artist 006: Rebecca of bellamoden


One of the very first submission emails to come in was from Rebecca.

I took a look at her yarns... and drooled. She was gracious enough to send along this yarn for my sampling pleasure.


Farenheit 451
100% Superwash wool
Sport weight


Black Beauty
100% Superwash wool
Fingering weight

I love this yarn. Soft and spongy, the sport is the perfect knit 'em quick sock yarn.


Bella Moden is simply translated "beautiful hands". Rebecca has a deep and passsionate desire to create beautiful things with her hands. There was a point in time when she questioned whether she would be physically able to do so. She says:

"You see, I broke my thumb and wrist in a fall eight years ago.
Unremarkable, really, except for the fact that I developed deQuervain's tenosynovitis. Over time and three operations, I lost most of the use of my right thumb and could no longer flex or swivel my right wrist. For so long, all I could feel was the need, the unmet need to create with my hands. It is hard to overstate the impact that this amazing substance, yarn,
has had in my life."

bellamoden is offering 20.00 skeins of in-stock sock yarns from 12am to 11:59 pm (CST) Wednesday the 17th as their Junkie Fix!

Speaking of Junkies.... Who is the "Junkie of the Week?"

Lori from Yarn Beans!

Go check out her yarns she got on vacation. More pron to get you through the week!

Prizes? You want to know the prizes?

  • Karida is offering 1 skein of the new Watershed sock yarn in any of the 19 Neighborhood Fiber Co. colors

  • Woolbearers is offering a skein of Woolie Bears sock yarn!

  • Rebecca is offering a skein of Farenheit 451 from bellamoden!

You know what to do, right? Leave your comments and slurred, drooly, fiber love at the beep. The artists would so love to get your feedback and your yarn love!


No worries.... Jess and Casey are working their butts off to get Ravelry open to the public. It's coming soon friends!!

  • Keep the buttons coming! You submit a button... you win! Woot!