Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Business ... It's Business Time!

For the inaugural review, I thought it proper to bring you some yarns I know well and love much.

The offenders, their wares, and rap sheets are as follows:

Artist 001:

Stephanie Martin, aka Woodland Sprite of Spritely Goods.

Exhibit A:

Coffee Pot Fingering
100% Superwash wool

Can I say that this yarn stops me dead in my tracks... makes me sleep fitfully, dreaming of credit cards and a yarn shortage? This yarn is nothing short of spectacular.

Exhibit B:

Olive Grove Merino
100% Merino wool

I am enamoured by Stephanie's depth and sophistication when it comes to color. I asked her a few questions regarding her inspiration. She states:

"The bulk majority of my colorways are inspired by nature… or food. Other than the fiber arts, my other activity for relaxation is to spend a lot of time outdoors hiking and backpacking in the wilderness. I tend to take a lot of photos while I'm out hiking – I often find myself gazing at those photos I've taken for inspiration."

"Spritely Goods was first established in October of 2005 on a very small scale, and eventually grew into its own domain in July of 2006. The shop has grown from a handblended batts, handspun yarns and handdyed sock yarns to include handpainted fiber, a wider variety of handdyed yarns, original patterns, felted and non-felted soaps, wool wash, natural colored spinning fibers and yarns, needle felting kits and even stationary featuring wool! Stay tuned for a new superwash base yarn - it'll be making an appearance in November."

Stephanie has been kind enough to share a DISCOUNT CODE with us:

10% off purchases* through the end of November if you enter the code MOBSTERS

*discount not valid on gift certificates.

Our next offender:

Artist 002:

(I say "diva" because she really is. Ask her to sing some opera at Rhinebeck, ok?)

Exhibit A:
Wading Soft Spun
100% Superwash Merino

Someone, anyone, please get me a drink of water! Look at how subtle the color plays together. This is a great example of a yarn that will look great in any stitch pattern.

Exhibit B:

November Rain Soft Spun
100% Superwash Merino

I love the colors in this skein. The combination is really, truly beautiful.

When asked about her history in the fiber arts, Marie responds:

"I started dyeing fiber and yarn in early 2005. I' ve always been crafty with jewelry making, ceramics and anything where I could use color creatively. I am a self taught dyer, from Internet tutorials and a few books on the topic, although when I started there weren't many. Most of my techniques were learned from trial and error. The most rewarding thing about my yarn business is the interaction with my customers. I have met so many wonderful people through this, I really feel so lucky. I love seeing the finished objects people come up with, and getting emails from people who love the product. Amazingly even before I learned how to knit I have always loved yarn - Actually it was to be able to buy and play with yarn that I even learned how to spinning and dyeing my own was only a matter of time."

Marie finds her inspiration " from pretty much everywhere. From isles at a department store to hiking in the woods. I try and take as much from nature as possible - I guess because being form NYC I crave natural and lush colors. When I dye I just go with the flow...see where the colors take me"
Marie has generously offered 10% off to you Junkies! Use the code "mobsters"

Our third offender hails from Canada.

Artist 003:

Michelle, from the Sweet Sheep (aka Yarn-pusherious-maximus.)

Michelle is the proprietor of an online store that stocks so many amazing yarns, but did you know she dyes too?

I could not resist the chance to feature her newest line of yarn, "The Faerie Feet Collection".

Exhibit A:

100% Blue Faced Leicester

Michelle has really done some thought regarding this line. The colors seem to dance in the skein like the nymphs of the forest.

Exhibit B:

100% Blue Faced Leicester

Similar hand.... very different feeling. Look at these skeins. I love the way they feel so different from each other, and yet they still relate to each other. I could buy one of every skein and be a very, very happy woman.

Michelle has been dyeing for 2 years and finds most of her inspiration in nature. She finds herself driven, these days, by images of little faeries and their representation in her colourways.

Michelle has extended 10% off to Mobtown Junkies through the end of October. Use the coupon code "mobtown".

If that was not enough:

I would like to introduce you all to the "Junkie of the Week":

Dave from Criminy Jickets!

Dave is an avid knitter and blogger. I have had the pleasure of being his swap pal, and have had some really wonderful emails and a ton of support from him. He has lent his vision to my line of yarns and has always given me thoughtful, honest feedback.

Dave has teamed with me to develop this colorway:

And if that was not enough.... he created this pattern for it! Go check out his blog and his other patterns!

I love this week's featured artists and blogger. I have considered them contemporaries, and friends, for quite some time now. They are part of my network of artists I admire and create with. I am so proud to show you their work. They are all amazing folks in their own right.

Now, it's business time! Leave your comments, feedback, and general speechlessness on this post to be entered into the drawing for this weeks prizes:

Stephanie has donated 1 skein of hand-dyed, superwash merino yarn - winners choice in colorway & base style, from whatever is in stock in her store!

Marie has donated
one skein of Brooklyn Handspun signature!

Michelle has donated
I skein of Faerie feet!

Ok, you know what to do!