Tuesday, November 6, 2007

When Sheep are Unique..

I am struck at how quickly Wednesdays come. I never recognized "hump"day as anything special before the Mobtown Review. Now... it makes me jitter with excitement.

May I present to you, fair Junkies of Mobtown, the Unique Sheep.

Artist 009: Laura Bullins, The Unique Sheep

Autumn in the City
Silk Twist Fingering

I can not think of anything more reminiscent of fall. This yarn is so soft and lucious I may need to knit myself some socks!

Laura uses a group approach when designing her colorways. Her main inspiration comes from "Life! Corny, I know, but it’s true. If you pay attention, our world is full of unique color combinations. Color in life is complex and I think that that is reflected in my yarns—I use lots of shades and tones, sometimes combining many different colors into one skein and other times focusing on the nuances of a single color. In order to share my sources of inspiration with my customers, I post photos with every color way on my website. You can be part of the process by submitting a photograph of your own in one of my Photo Contests. Whenever its time to create new colors I invite my customers to submit photos that inspire them and relate to the season or theme."

Hearth Fire
Simply Socks

I want to curl up with my knitting and sit by that fire. Laura sees subtle nuances in how value and tone play together. She really has captured the feeling of fireside magic.

Laura says she has "always truly had a NEED to create. I also enjoy the time in the quiet of my studio, surrounded by yarn and color. Doesn’t that sound like heaven? It is to me!"

Laura is offering a free gift with every purchase to you Junkies! Just mention that you found her on the review!

And the Junkie of the Week is:

Barb from Barb Knits

Go check out her AMAZING assortment of Halloween cakes. I think the EYEBALL and the Pumpkin are truly awesome!

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